Solidarity Mission

19 Mar 2024

Jerusalem , Israel

A solidarity mission trip to help Israel overcome recent tragedies with prayers, advice and intercession.

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Mattheus van der S

Harvest Fields


Harvest Fields International is connected to an international network with key pastors, leaders and ministers from all over the world.
cindy jacobs

Dr. Cindy Jacobs

President and Co-Founder Generals International Dallas, Texas
Mattheus van der Steen is a major pioneer in world evangelism. He goes to places that few others would consider going to preach the gospel; even into war-torn areas. He is a man of great courage and integrity. Mattheus is recognized by top world Christian leaders as one of the top young influencers in existence today.

His wife, Laura, works alongside him and is also known as a great Christian leader. Laura and Mattheus together are a team that effectually work to bring the whole gospel to the whole world.

Ev. Daniel Kolenda

Evangelist and President of Christ for all Nations | Lead pastor Nations Church
When I think of couples that God is using mightily in the world today, people who have a uniquely powerful and authentic voice to their generation, Mattheus and Laura van der Steen are at the top of that list. They have been dear, personal and faithful friends to me and my family for a long time, as they were to Reinhard Bonnke (who founded our ministry). Their relentless dedication to sharing the Gospel through Harvest Fields International, in challenging, unreached areas is nothing short of inspiring. Mattheus' Kingdom-minded leadership and Laura's gifted relational skills combine to form a dynamic force for good. I wholeheartedly endorse their ministry, a beacon of hope and transformation, as they touch countless lives, heal hearts, and bring the light of Christ to dark corners of the world. Partnering with Harvest Fields International means investing in eternal impact, and I am privileged to stand with them in this extraordinary journey of faith. May their passion for the Great Commission ignite your own faith and commitment to advancing God's kingdom.

Bill Johnson

Senior Leader, Bethel Church Redding, California
Mattheus van der Steen is a man I love and trust. His courage is an inspiration, and the impact of his life is impacting nations.

It is with great joy that I support and endorse the ministry of Harvest Fields International. 

Heidi G Baker, PHD

Co-founder and Executive Chairman, Iris Global
Mattheus van der Steen is a tenacious and passionate man of God. I love his childlike faith that leads him to make bold decisions for the sake of the gospel. When Holy Spirit speaks, he moves… no matter what, no matter where. As he launches Harvest Fields International, he is building upon a rich legacy and spiritual history with the Lord. I believe, through this ministry, many people will be trained and equipped to step into their own callings with this same bold faith that Mattheus and his team walk in. Spend time with Mattheus and you will definitely be encouraged, inspired and ready for more of God.

Ben Fitzgerald

Senior Leader, Awakening Europe
I have known Matt and his wife Laura closely for the last 8 years, and every time I see what they are doing for God I am excited. I am excited because they are stewarding the great gifts God gave them and using them to build up the global Church into a passionate Jesus focused people. The experience and history of walking in faith to see thousands saved in large crusades across the world, as well as their hunger to help people experience the Holy Spirit is second to none. I am thrilled they have started this new ministry and highly recommend them to anyone who is seeking them out, it will be a great blessing to you are your people.
Randy Clark

Randy Clark

D. Min. and D.D. (United Theological Seminary - Methodist) | Th. D. (Revival and Healing - Primus University of Theology)
Mattheus van der Steen is one of the new breed of evangelists who have an apostolic heart for whole countries. I am amazed at his courage and faith. I support his efforts to reach Europe and many other countries of the world. He has my endorsement as an anointed servant of God whose ministry is worthy of your support and participation.

Nathan Morris

Global Ministry Director, Shake The Nations Ministries
In these last days, I believe that God is raising up mighty voices to reap the final harvest of souls across the nations. Mattheus Van der Steen is such a voice, and I have personally witnessed the hand of God upon his life. His is a ministry that bears much fruit in salvations, healings, and deliverances. The Holy Spirit is using this ministry to call this generation to repentance. I am thankful to call Mattheus a personal friend, and I pray that God will continue to use him to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations of the world.

Caleb Wehrli

Global Ministry Director | Founder of Inspire International, Tulsa, OK. USA
Mattheus and Laura van der Steen are two people that God is using around the world in unique ways through the ministry of Harvest Fields International. I have witnessed their ministry firsthand, and they are making an impact on people’s lives wherever they go. Mattheus is a Kingdom minded leader with a heart to serve and see people experience all that God has for their lives. Laura is a relationally gifted leader with an innate ability to discern and discover how to connect with people by adding virtue and value. I am honored to partner with Matt and Laura and the work they are doing in various parts of the world.
Jean Luc Trachsel

Jean Luc Trachsel

Europe shall be saved | IAHM
The moment I’ve met Mattheus Van der Steen, I immediately saw the strong call of God in his life for this generation. He is part of this new anointed leader shaving a breakthrough anointing to bring the Kingdom of Heaven with a demonstration of power to territories and especially the closest one. Knowing Mattheus since many years, being my very close friend considering as my twin brother, I’ve seen how God is using him in front of big crowd but also how he fought the good fight of faith when he was passing through hell.

Johannes Hartl

Director of Augsburg House of Prayer, Germany
Mattheus van der Steen and his team of passionate missionaries have served the great commandment faithfully and with great impact in many nations. These are fierce pioneers who don’t hesitate to undergo dire circumstances in order to see souls won for the gospel. As a personal friend for years I am deeply moved by their work and fully endorse their missionary endeavours.